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Portugal online garden center

Online Garden Center Algarve Portugal

Online Garden Center up to 50% Discount

We’re in business for one reason. And that’s to serve you to find the best price and quality.
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Hello world!

Your Garden online discount SuperStore™

How Can We Help You?

We’re in business for one reason. And that’s to serve you to find the best price and quality. We’re dedicated to bringing out the best in your garden and home.
we have the experience and expertise to take care of all your needs.
Let us know how we can help you …
  • Looking for a particular plant or product? Our team of Experts can help you find it.
  • Interested in adding a patio, outdoor kitchen or screened porch? Or planting trees for shade and privacy, growing a colorful perennial garden or completely changing the look of your landscape? If you can imagine it, we can create it.
  • Need plants or products delivered to your home? We offer local deliveries Monday through Saturday, and Sunday deliveries and same-day deliveries are often available.
  • Looking for last-minute help to plant gorgeous flowers in your containers and hanging baskets before your big party?
  • Need a room painted or a fence repaired? We have many skilled craftsmen available at competitive rates to take care of handyman jobs.
Serving you is our mission. And we’ll continue to work hard every day to earn your business.



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  1. When to Water an Oleander Bush

    The oleander bush is considered drought resistant and can fare well at maturity with just minimal watering. However, as new oleander bushes are becoming established, it can be helpful to keep soil moist so the young plant can get the best start. Additionally, oleander bushes cultivated indoors will need more and more frequent watering than their outdoor cousins will.

    How to Water an Oleander Bush

    For outdoor oleander bushes, water as needed and only if natural rainfall provides less than one inch of water per week. Using a drip or irrigation hose can provide slow, steady moisture to the oleander bush root system. For indoor growing oleander bushes, in the spring, summer and fall seasons, ensure the plant receives the equivalent of approximately one inch of water per week. This amount can be halved during the winter dormant season. For indoor pot growing oleanders it can be a good practice to place a water tray filled with moss or pebbles beneath the pot so the plant can simply absorb water as needed.

    Portugal online garden center

  2. Many native plants form a hedge in a surprisingly short time. Choosing a plant that suits your soil, aspect and rainfall, you can have an effective screen in three to five years, or sometimes even quicker.
    Melaleuca make excellent hedges that can be kept dense with regular pruning.

    Portugal online garden center

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